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ZONG THEATRE is a theatre company that was born as a non-profit independent association, founded by Dina Markova (director) and Boyan Arsov (actor), both graduated from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria in 2016 in the class of Prof. Snejina Tankovska. The name of the association SONG/ZONG (song in German, in Bertolt Brecht’s theater “songs” emphasize the themes of the play while undercutting its reality by interrupting the action and engaging the audience directly) stands for that ZONG Theatre aims to create spiritual space for meaningful theater, focused on the important themes and problems to the contemporary man. The company is focused on exploring physical theatre, ecstatic theatre, and the expression of the body of the actor in search of new realms of truth that the artist can reach during the rehearsal process and throughout the encounter with the audience. Our mission is to develop performing arts by creating contemporary and socially engaged theatrical pieces, with the collaboration of young artists for young audiences, using contemporary theatrical means and forms. We believe in authorship, in total theatre, and that storytelling can serve as a medium for discussing and solving modern-day issues.

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