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Life is a Dream is a play for the theater by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, published in 1635 and belonging to the Baroque literary movement. The central theme is the freedom of the human being to configure his life without being trapped by an assumed destiny.


Life as a Dream is ancient, referencing Hindu thought, Persian mysticism, Buddhist morality, Judeo-Christian tradition, and Greek philosophy. That is why it is even considered a literary subject. ​


According to Plato's work, man lives in a world of dreams, of darkness, imprisoned in a cave, from which he can only be freed by doing Good; only then will one give up matter and emerge.

A paramilitary group. Two men, seemingly different but equally irreconcilable, face each other in a psychedelic psychological battle in which their lives and the lives of everyone around them are at stake. "And falsely chosen are our adversaries—friends and foes..."


The war hypothesis is a hypothesis about human nature and its contradictions. In the age of broken ideals and post-truth, everything changes, even the personality is deprived of a center. The modern Othello, beyond the myth, is possible as a story about a man—a paradox, contradictory, ambivalent, unknowable, set in a radicalized, black-and-white world.


He knows but fails to apply it in such a way as to save himself. The characters in this play - implacable, driven by ambition, driven to victory, trapped in extreme living, allow war among themselves. Thus the processes of destruction between men and within man are set in motion.

POSSESSED is man's attempt to boldly shout his truth in the face of the whole world, to change the course of time, to destroy established norms, to set new rules, to erase other people's words and write his own, to overcome his weakness by discovering his power and learned to use it. POSSESSED  is man's attempt to quietly forgive himself.


An attempt to chart his path, to tame loneliness and ruin in his actions and conscience, to choose what to believe and whom to love in the name of resisting the icy wind in his heart and thought. In the name of being human. The performance places the characters of Dostoevsky and Camus in a dynamic conditional stage reality, in which they are desperately searching for their place in the surrounding foreign and aggressive world, full of demands, proclamations, and alienation.


POSSESSED on the stage of the NATFIZ Theater is the first graduation performance of the students of the last class of Prof. Snezhina Tankovska

David Hare's PETER GYNT is a clever and funny contemporary reading of the iconic poem Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen. With a lot of mood and a sense of humor, David Hare makes vivid parallels with the world around us, turning Ibsen's hero into a hero of our time, and thus exposes the imperfections of modern man and society with a sharp and disturbing tone.

Our hero travels through different real and fantasy worlds, the fruit of his imagination and desire to discover himself, to surpass his own limits, to improve himself. He has the desire, the will and the energy to conquer the world, to color it in the colors of his dreams and longings, but at the end of the road comes the question of the meaning of the efforts made, of the hidden meaning behind the words "be yourself", of the unshared, the missed and the denied. This journey - a metaphor for our life - reveals the dimensions of the human in the metamorphoses of the man of the 21st century.

PETER GYNT is a fascinating and fascinating game of man with the world and the world with man, a game in which the rules are made to be broken until there is no place left.

OUTSIDER - performance noir

The play "OUTSIDER" is an experimental text for theater and represents the final stage of the pilot edition of the platform "ZONG TEXT", realized with the support of the National Fund "Culture" / a project of the ZONG Theatre, which aims to create conditions for the construction of a new Bulgarian contemporary dramaturgy and its promotion./

The play tells the story of Victor, a young man who blames himself for the death of his sister and goes on the trail of Laura, who disappeared 15 years ago. So he ends up in a strange place where he meets Emma and her patients. Convinced that a crime has been committed against his sister and not only her, which the inhabitants of the place are hiding from him, Victor agrees to stay and undergo experimental treatment. Will he be able to find what he is looking for, or will he remain forever locked between the walls of the past?

"Outsider" is a text about a person in search of himself and about the process of liberating the personality from the social patterns of living and its ties to the world. The characters of the play believe that under the cover of anonymity, they will be able to achieve healing and restart their lives anew.

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