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Here it is, our story begins!

The road is ahead of us – a world of phantasmagoria.

We hurry, we dream, we believe, we fly,

we want, we play, we spare no effort.

Come with us, be patient,

give us courage in our adventure.

It's for the person who showed us

colors different in the world of the Self.

Then we'll wonder if he was right,

Peter Gynt is the name of our hero!

PETER GYNT by David Hare is a clever and funny contemporary reading of the iconic poem Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen. With a lot of mood and a sense of humor, David Hare makes vivid parallels with the world around us, turning Ibsen's hero into a hero of our time, and thus exposes the imperfections of modern man and society with a sharp and disturbing tone.

Our hero travels through different realms, the fruits of his imagination and desire to discover himself, to surpass his own limits, to improve himself. He has the desire, the will and the energy to conquer the world, to color it in the colors of his dreams and longings, but at the end of the road comes the question of the meaning of the efforts made, of the hidden meaning behind the words "be yourself", of the unshared, the missed and the denied. This journey - a metaphor for our life - reveals the dimensions of the human in the metamorphoses of the man of the 21st century.

PETER GYNT is a fascinating and fascinating game of man with the world and the world with man, a game in which the rules are made to be broken until there is no place left to escape.

"Is life hidden only in your dreams?

Open your eyes and see it for real this one time!”


by David Hare, based on Henrik Ibsen’s poem

idea by Prof. Snezhina Tankovska

translation: Lyubov Kostova

director: Boyan Arsov

visual environment and costumes: Boyan Arsov

choreography: Prof. Dr. Petya Tsvetkova and Ch. Assistant Dr. Alexander Mandjukov

musical environment and vocal teacher: Boyan Hristov

multimedia: Jason Brad Lewis

poster: Ivaylo Borisov and Hristo Tenchev

photographer: Ivan Hristov

participants: graduates majoring in "Acting for Drama Theater", class of Prof. Snezhina Tankovska

Actors in the roles:

Peter Gint – Teodor Nenov, Martin Emanuilov, Spartak Apostolov, Georg Kiryakov, Teodor Karakachanov

Agatha Gint - Ivana Keranova

Duncan - fitter - Cesar Sammy

Pastor – Hristo Tenchev

Sabine - immigrant - Velina Georgieva

Potato Hulmin - Zahari Turmanov

Ingrid - bride - Sofia Gjustrova

Cowherds – Velina Georgieva, Ivana Keranova, Sofia Gjustrova

Woman in green - Vanina Yordanova

Tonto - pig - Spartak Apostolov

Bertram - The Mountain Tsar - Rostislav Pankov

Trolls - Georgi Iliev, David Tumbarkov, Zahari Turmanov, Sofia Gjustrova, Teodor Karakachanov

The two-headed boy - Alexander Andreev, Ivana Keranova

Gunnar Grimser - Icelandic businessman - Hristo Tenchev

Alicia Yesenina - Russian businesswoman - Vanina Yordanova

Monsieur Balon - French businessman - Georgi Iliev

Anitra - Sofia Gjustrova

Saudi Prince - Sezer Sami

Herr Begrifenfeld - director of the insane asylum - Georgi Iliev

The first lunatic - Spartak Apostolov

Second Lunatic - Martin Emanuilov

The captain – Cesare Sammy

The chef – David Tumbarkov

The strange traveler – Hristo Tenchev

The master of buttons - Alexander Andreev

Matchmakers, The Curve, friends,

businessmen, lunatics, sailors, singers


The performance won the Project Program at the NATFIZ Theater in the "Dramatic Theater" category.

The performance has won the "NATFIZ BEST-BEST-BEST" 2022 award.

The music in the performance was provided with the support of the National Culture Fund.

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