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Ode to Decay

based on the play of the same name by William Shakespeare and fragments of texts, dedicated to war. A paramilitary force group. Two men, different on the outside but equally irreconcilable, face each other in a psychedelic battle that shall determine not only their lives but the future of everyone around them. "And falsely chosen are our adversaries—friends and foes..." The war hypothesis is a hypothesis about human nature and its contradictions. In the age of broken ideals and post-truth, everything changes, even the personality is deprived of a center. The modern Othello, beyond the myth, is possible as a story about a man—a paradox, contradictory, ambivalent, unknowable, set in a radicalized, black-and-white world. He has the knowledge but fails to apply it in such a way as to save himself. The characters in this play - implacable, driven by ambition, driven to victory, trapped in extreme living, allow war among themselves. Thus the processes of destruction between men and within man are set in motion. In an age of ego, of success as an imperative and of apparent happiness, in a world constructed on the principle of ally-enemy, war-love, they refuse to accept defeat. A brave warrior becomes a coward, friends become enemies, a wise man becomes stupid, a wise man becomes mad, and a loved one kills. Here reason crashes, the ideal crashes, and man loses himself and cries out: "I am not what I am!" Then he becomes his shadow-double, his other possible self. "Othello - The Death of an Idealist" is a dark song - a warning about the dark times in which we live. The decay of the soul to this loss of the human is the horror that the play explores.

Close your ears to them,

close your eyes to them

for you will not hear anything human,

you won't see anything human...


With the participation of Boyan Arsov, Nadia Keranova, Zhivko Simeonov, Aleko Dishev, Tsvetan Apostolov, Rumen Mihailov, and Vyara Kolarova

Dramaturgical version and direction: Dina Markova

Choreography and physical score of the show: Boyan Arsov

Visual environment and costumes: Boyan Arsov

Video environment and trailer: Jeason Brad Lewis

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