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Since 2012 he has been a directing student in the class of Prof. Snezhina Tankovska. In 2017 graduated with an acting major in drama theater in the class of Prof. Plamen Markov at NATFIZ. He plays on the stages of the Sofia Theater, the SFUMATO Theater Workshop, and the Azarian Theater. It is part of the very beginning of 2018. from the team of the show LIFE IS A DREAM, walking with us on the long and thorny road to the premiere at the Night of Theaters in November. His hero, Astolfo Moskovski, wages an artful war for power over Poland and challenges Sechismundo to discover himself and choose his role in this game of power and death. In addition to theater, Venzi acts in the cinema and is about to shoot his first author's film "August 13", for which he is the screenwriter and director.

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