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Boyan Arsov graduated in acting for drama theater in 2016 in the class of Prof. Snezhina Tankovska at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts NATFA "Krastyo Sarafov", Sofia. Boyan continues his academic work by completing a master's degree in Theater Arts and is currently a full-time doctoral student in the Department of Dramatic Theater Acting and Directing. As an assistant professor of acting for Drama Theatre, he directed the two graduation performances of Prof. Snežina Tankowska's final class: “THE POSSESSED” by Camus and Dostoyevsky and “PETER GYNT” by David Hare.


In 2017 together with Dina Markova they founded the "ZONG" Association, which is a natural continuation of their joint work at the Academy and this marks the beginning of the ZONG Theater. The beginning of 2018 together with Dina, they invite a group of actors and start the rehearsals of "Life is a Dream" by Calderon - a dystopian horror tale, which is the first project of the newly founded ZONG Theater. For the role of Sigizmund in 2019, Boyan received an ICARUS award or a leading male role, by the Union of Bulgarian Actors. He has two more nominations for ICARUS, as well as three awards from International Festivals as an actor and a Grand Prix award as the director of "Demons". Boyan Arsov is the author of the visual environments, costume designs and choreography of the ZONG Theater performances, as well as the director of "Outsider". Since the fall of 2019, he has been working as a project coordinator for the ZONG Theater.

Boyan Arsov is not only an independent artist but a member of the troupe of the Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theater. You can see him perform on many stage, some of which are: the stage of the Nikolay Binev Youth Theater, the Azaryan Theater, the National Opera and Ballet, the Musical Theater, Theater 199, the Ivan Vazov National Theater, the Sofia Theater, and the Plovdiv Drama Theater.

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