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performance noir

The play "OUTSIDER" is an experimental text for theater and represents the final stage of the pilot edition of the platform "ZONG TEXT", realized with the support of the National Fund "Culture" / a project of the ZONG Theatre, which aims to create conditions for the construction of a new Bulgarian contemporary dramaturgy and its promotion./

The play tells the story of Victor, a young man who blames himself for the death of his sister, and goes on the trail of Laura, who disappeared 15 years ago. So he ends up in a strange place where he meets Emma and her patients. Convinced that a crime has been committed against his sister and not only her, which the inhabitants of the place are hiding from him, Victor agrees to stay and undergo experimental treatment. Will he be able to find what he is looking for, or will he remain forever locked between the walls of the past?

"Outsider" is a text about a person in search of himself and about the process of liberating the personality from the social patterns of living and its ties to the world. The characters of the play believe that under the cover of anonymity, they will be able to achieve healing and restart their lives anew.

"An outsider doesn't have to be a negative thing, on the contrary. In the play, the characters are outsiders fleeing a world that is unkind to them, that is demanding, that prevents them from being who they are. And I'm sure it will be interesting for the viewers, who often find themselves in such situations." Boyan Arsov, director.

Author: Dina Markova

Director and author of the visual environment: Boyan Arsov

Participants: Vladimir Kovachev, Dina Markova, Martina Krasteva, Zahari Turmanov, Alexander Andreev

Trailer, design and documentary episodes: Jeason Brad Lewis

Photographer: Vladimir Drumev

Premiere: 22.09.2022 at YALTA ART ROOM, Sofia

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